GWS 18-125 V-LI 125mm Angle Grinder

GWS 18-125 V-LI 125mm Angle Grinder


The most powerful 18-volt angle grinder

  • Highest material removal rate and cutting performance in its class per battery charge

  • Extremely robust and durable 4-pole high-performance motor for a long lifetime

  • Compact design and low weight (only 2.3 kg) for comfortable working, especially in tight spaces and overhead

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Technical data

No-load speed 10.000 rpm

Battery voltage 18 V


Grinding/cutting disc, diameter 125 mm

Rubber backing pad, diameter 125 mm

Noise/vibration information

Sound pressure level 82 dB(A)

Sound power level 93 dB(A)

Uncertainty K 3 dB